Why I Chose the College of Charleston, MS in Child Life Program

What makes our program unique and why students have chosen to join us.

Below are comments from current students regarding their experiences in the program and why they chose the College of Charleston, Master of Science in Child life Program. Between the city of Charleston and the unique educational and training components, students have been able to find a home in their educational environment and their city.


CofC Child Life Alumni 

"I can't imagine where I would be in my career as a CCLS II, if I had not received my Master of Science in Child Life from the College of Charleston. The combination of in-depth theoretical coursework, integration of a practicum at MUSC, a play-based philosophy, and the partnerships and volunteer opportunties with various organizations vastly prepared me for my internship and career."


CofC Child Life Alumni 

"The child life program at CofC provided incredible and necessary groundwork in preparation for internship, and my first job as a CCLS. The program, curriculum, and practicum opened my eyes to a wide range of psychosocial issues that child life specialists are faced with, whether it's a child's fear over needles, or a fmaily in need of end-of-life emotional support. The program has truly influenced my practice as a new CCLS and helped me remember the core foundations of empowering children and families as they navigate the healthcare system."


Graduate of the University of Florida

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

"I chose the College of Charleston because it is truly a unique experience where you are able to grow and learn a lot about the child life field. From conferences, to community partners and practicum, the opportunities are endless. Susan, our director, works hard to make sure we are set up for success and she makes each person’s experience individualized based on their needs. It has only been one semester and the amount of information I have learned is amazing. I know that I will not only be prepared to get an internship, but also prepared to get a job once I leave. It also doesn’t hurt that the campus is beautiful and Charleston is a great city for graduate students to explore."


Graduate of the University of Tennessee

Hometown: Richmond, VA

"After deciding child life was the career for me, I knew that pursuing my masters was the route that I wanted to take. It was really overwhelming looking at all different programs, especially because there were none in my home state. I ended up choosing CofC because of its specific Masters in Child Life, the close-knit, family feel with the professors and the cohort, and an overall feeling of home here in Charleston. I have already learned more here about child life in the first semester than I ever could have with online classes or in a less specific program. My passion for this profession is reignited every single day, and I love that I’m surrounded by people with the same drive as me. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be!"


Graduate of Furman University

Hometown: Richmond, VA

"I chose to pursue my MS in Child Life at the College of Charleston because of the unique practicum experience that is woven into coursework and the dedication of the professors to supporting their students. Since arriving, I could not be more pleased with my choice of attending CofC. Our program provides countless opportunities to get involved with children in the community including but not limited to facilitating bereavement sessions in elementary and middle schools, volunteering at in-hospital camps across the state, and partaking in holiday celebrations at the local children’s hospital. Living in downtown Charleston has been great in addition to my learning experience. The city has so many places to explore, numerous fresh and local restaurants, and lots of weekend activities to keep us entertained!"


Graduate of Florida Southern University

Hometown: Lake Mary, FL

"After interviewing and touring campus, CofC felt like a home away from home.  The close-knit community promotes relationships between the students and faculty that embodies a family feeling.  I am not from the area, so it was important for me to feel a sense of welcome and comfort while meeting with faculty, and I instantly felt that when I stepped on campus!  I felt that this program would best prepare me for a career in child life, and I have been so happy to have made the decision to come here!"


Graduate of Messiah College

Hometown: Long Island, NY

"I chose to study child life at the College of Charleston because of the many unique opportunities this program has to offer! In addition to traditional coursework, we are also receiving a 120-hour hands-on practicum at the Medical University of South Carolina.  My knowledge and understanding of developmental theories and the field of child life has grown exponentially during my time here.  I am so happy with my decision to be in this field and to study at this institution!"

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