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Master of Science in Child Life (MSCL) Program

The MSCL program is founded on a longstanding professional collaboration between the College of Charleston and the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).  Academic coursework is taken at the College of Charleston with practicum experience at MUSC.  The MSCL program builds on a superior undergraduate curriculum in psychology, education, sociology, and health and human performance.  In designing our MSCL program, we studied the various child life programs across the U.S. to determine the best possible combination of courses and applied experience for students.  We have used Child Life Council (CLC) guidelines for curriculum in the development of our program.

The program is intensive in terms of academic preparation and practical supervision.  A cohort of approximately 10 students will be admitted each fall, and students will progress through the program together as a group, taking a set curriculum.  The MSCL program is a full-time program with two required summer classes between the first and second year.  In addition to applied experience in the children's hospital and community organization settings, the program includes a required practicum at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).  Practicum occurs throughout the first year and continues through the summer between the first and second years of study.  Practicum training is coordinated with the MUSC Department of Child Life.  Students will participate in formal, off-site internship training during the spring of their second year.

College of Charleston MSCL Coursework

Fall- Year One

CHLI 601   Introduction to Child Life

CHLI 607   Advanced Child Development

CHLI 605   Psychosocial Aspects of Illness, Trauma, and Hospitalization/Pediatric Illness

Spring- Year One

CHLI 602   Therapeutic Play for Child Life Specialists

CHLI 603   Death and Dying

CHLI 608   Research Methods

Summer- Year One

CHLI 604   Program Development and Practicum in Child Life

COMM 580 Seminar in Communication (Techniques in Health Communication)

Fall- Year Two

CHLI 606   Family Issues

CHLI 611   Working with Children with Special Needs/Developmental Disabilities

Elective Course

Spring- Year Two

CHLI 701 Child Life Internship

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